Wenzhou Sanli Screw Co., Ltd.
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Product Category
live knotted head · hexagon
round head · countersunk head · cheese head
cheese head · hexagon · T shape
cheese head · flat head
flat head
welding nails
square · hexagon · cheese head
Standard Category
ASME B 16.11-2016
DIN 3852
DIN 906-1992
DIN 906-2020
DIN 908-1983
DIN 908-1992
DIN 908-2020
DIN 909-1992
DIN 910-1992
DIN 923-2012
DIN 929-2000
GB 119-1986
GB 68-1985
GB 70-1985
GB 798-1988
GB 812-1988
GB /T 13681-1992
GB /T 6170-2015
GB /T 70.1-2008
GB /T 798-2021
GB /T 879.2-2000
GB /T 882-1986
GB /T 882-2008
GB /T 889.1-2000
ISO 4161-2012
JB 1001-1977
JB /T 1000-1977
JB /ZQ 4444-2006
JB /ZQ 4446-1997
JB /ZQ 4446-2006
JB /ZQ 4447-1997
JB /ZQ 4447-2006
JB /ZQ 4450-1997
JB /ZQ 4450-2006
JB /ZQ 4451-2006
Q 614B
Q 617B
Q 618B
QC /T 379-1999
QC /T 384-1999
YJT 3005
YJT 3023(DIN 1624)

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 About Us
Wenzhou Sanli screw factory is a share-issuing enterprise that is specialized in producing national stan-ard component and automobile standard component. The main products standard is GB,ISO, IPI, DIN, JIS, BS, etc.and the material is iron,steel. copper,aluminium, stainless steel,copper alloy and aluminium alloy.Our main products such as in side six spiral shell ,outside six six spiral shell,pivot living knots of bolt,connect body,weld screw nut ring trough rivet,are exported to many country of southeast Asia Africa south America,Western Europe ect.From a complete set service for the deparments of aviwtion,navigation and the manufacturers of automobile locomotive and motorcycle our factory has received unanimous favorable comment.Our factory's manufacturing engineer is advanced,equuipment is complete technical force is rich, measuring facility is complete and we implement the total quality control to the products so the quality of products is reliable.The aim of our enterprise is that always home work consicent-ivus and meticulous, with sincere for the foundation and developing together with customers.So our code of conduct is :1.offering the high-quality products and high-quality service;2.meeting customer's dememds and expectation with all strength; 3.Realizing the growth with benefit benefit through rational utilization of resources and careful cost management;4.Introducing and developing manpower resources constantly and respect talent strict undergo job-specific training and evaluate the validity of train.